“My Bank” to over a million Canadians


At the end of the Second World War, Canadians were looking forward to a new age of prosperity and consumerism, and eager to embrace change. The formal institutions of the past now seemed “stuffy” and out of touch.

Tuned in to changing times, Bank of Montreal launched its “My Bank” campaign, targeting average Canadian consumers like never before and ushering in a new period of innovation and growth.

“My Bank” reflected a focus on the individual, and tapped into the belief that managing money to achieve a prosperous, happy life requires a bank that understands your values and lifestyle goals and is a partner in helping you achieve them.

The campaign was a turning point for Bank of Montreal – not only because of its success, but also because it helped to define the brand, and identified what made the bank different. The perspective that “Money is personal” continues to guide the bank’s work today.



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